Guest Survey - August & September 2007

One of the biggest problems in creating marketing and promotional strategies, as well as creating tourism products is a lack of information about guests' expectations, habits and satisfaction - in all destinations in Montenegro, especially in the northern region. The north of Montenegro is seriously lagging behind when most economic measurements are considered.

There is a vastly developed practice in Montenegro, as in many other ex-Yugoslav countries, that projects are developed based on a "vision" which does not necessarily have anything to do with real market demand. Surveys and visibility of the results should influence a change in these habits. This particular survey is designed to identify elements of deficiencies in the current tourism offer and emphasize expectations of the visitors, and give substantial information that will be of assistance to the private and public sector in giving them the necessary data which can help their future decision making, in order to deliver quality and timely service to visitors.

The perceptions of the northern region in addition to the market segmentation and trends that are to be captured by this survey are in line with the overall CSTI investments to build a sustainable and viable economic resource in the North.

The survey was conducted during August and September 2007 and published in December 2007.

Download report on 'The Experience of Tourists in Northern and Southern Montenegro' (6.3 MB)

This survey addresses the issues related to current tourism source markets, some of the market trends and segmentation, needs and expectations of several market niches and determines the main challenges for tourism stakeholders (agencies, accommodation providers, guide services, local tourism organizations, etc.) in the North from the perspective of their guests. This will provide the basis for creating marketing and promotional strategies as well as identifying the immediate fields for improvement and training needs.

Project Goal:

To better understand the needs and motivations of tourists in Montenegro in order to improve the marketing and service provision of tourism stakeholders in the North.


o To obtain relevant information on the profile of visitors in the north of Montenegro, identify the elements of importance among current visitors in deciding why to visit the region and rate their satisfaction with the existing / potential tourist offer.

o To obtain information in the south of Montenegro on the general awareness of the North and assess visitors' potential interest in including the northern region in their current and future travel plans.

o To disseminate survey findings to relevant tourism stakeholders in Montenegro, in order to better inform future activities and investments.