Theme MEDIEVAL - Nov 2015 - Nov 2017

New tourism product „Thematic routes of medieval Herceg Stjepan Land – THEME MEDIEVAL“, as unique tourism offer of the cross-border area between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be established by the Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives (CSTI)  and Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism (MSDT) from Montenegro in cooperation with Public Institution Development agency for West Herzegovina County (HERAG), Tourism community of West Herzegovina County (TZŽZH), Municipality of Ljubuški and Public Institution for tourism development and protection of cultural – historical and natural heritage "Radimlja“ from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Complementary offer of thematic trails and rich cultural and historical monuments, combined with a diverse range of domestic products and services within households that cherish traditional values, will be created as unique tourism offer. It is intended to be interesting to an average lover of history, a traveller, or tourist who, with particular interest, wants to discover the layers and meanings of the history of the destination he is visiting. Among other things, by establishing this thematic route, intended for tourists seeking an authentic experience and ambiance, the socio-economic development of the cross-border area between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro will be encouraged.


Theme Medieval brochure Blagaj stone town Njegovudja village Main donor to the action

Accordingly, the following project activities and respected result will be achieved within the following categories:

-               Setting up the concept and development of tourist product

-               Improving MEDIEVAL tourism infrastructure – 4 walking thematic trails in Montenegro and work on the access road to the fort in Ljubuški

-               Strengthening of human resources through trainings and workshops

-               Promotion and marketing -  printed promotional material, internet portal ( and promotional events

Overall project value in Montenegro amounts to 197,142.15 EUR, out of which 85% is funded by the European Union. The remaining 15% will be co-funded by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro and CSTI. Project implementation started on 27th November 2015 and will be realized during 24 months.