Via Dinarica White trail - Nov 2018 - Jun 2019

„Connecting Naturally through Via Dinarica White trail“ project have integrated tourism offers of National Parks Sutjeska and Durmitor as well as Regional Park Piva through promoting recognizable culture and mountain trails under unified „Via Dinarica“ brand.

High quality content in form of guidebook, map and information boards has been creating in addition to feasibility study for development and promotion of new cultural trails. Hiking is the main motivator for visiting the area (Via Dinarica White Trail) which is supplemented by cultural activities and interests, creating a unique product. Fully developed Tara Canyon thematic trail will complement proposed Medieval town of Brskovo trail (Mojkovac Municipality) focusing on tourism product diversification in the target region’s distinctive natural and cultural features. Moreover, developed standardized itineraries – 8 stages of hiking trails in cross-border area of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina - will valorise created infrastructure for hiking tourism, resulted from previous related projects.


Via Dinarica guidebook Trail toTrnovacko Lake Tara Canyon trematic trail Main donor to the action

The following are project activities and respective results during 7 month of project implementation:  

  • Introduction of  „Via Dinarica“ concept
  • Improvement of hiking tourism infrastructure – Thematic trails

  • Printed promo material – toward unified brand

Overall project values amounts to 53.980 EUR, out of which 89.77% is funded by the EU, through a grant provided by Regional Cooperation Council (RCC). Project implementation started in November 2018.  

By implementation of this project and synergy with concepts developed in previous project initiatives - Via Dinarica and Peaks of the Balkans, it will be possible in long term perspective to attracts many tourists from all involved areas of the Western Balkans, as well as from international markets, involving as much as possible local business.