ViP Dinarica - Mar 2016 - Aug 2017

Cross-border project "Via Peaks of Dinaric Arc - ViP DinaricA" is being implemented with the aim of forming a new and recognizable tourist offer under the joint brand "ViP Dinarica". The total value of the project in Montenegro is EUR 220,727, out of which the European Union finances 84.4% under the IPA Cross-border Program Montenegro-Kosovo. The project is jointly implemented by the NGO Center for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives (CSTI) and the Mountaineering Association of Montenegro (PSCG) from Podgorica, and the Community Development Fund - CDF and the Prishtina Orienteering Club from Pristina.

By creating the ViP Dinarica route, two long trails - hiking and cycling will be formed, in total length of 600 km while connecting three national parks in Montenegro - Durmitor, Biogradska Gora and Prokletije with the National Park Bjeshket e Nemuna / Prokletije on Kosovo. The development of this route will contribute to the tourist valorisation of rural communities, natural beauties, traditional products and the cultural and historical heritage of these national parks. In addition, through synergies with the concepts developed in previous project initiatives - Via Dinarica and the Peaks of Balkans, ViP Dinarica will enable more than 1000 km of trails to be connected in uninterrupted trails - hiking and biking, thus connecting Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania.




Hajla - connection point MNE-KOS along biking route One of few viewpoints over Biogradsko Lake Katun lifestile Main donor to the action
The project will be implemented through numerous activities, such as:

- systematic tourism offer inventory including activities of relevant actors, rural households, outdoor clubs and guides;

- creation of a tourism offer of the ViP Dinaric route and tourist packages in which hiking and cycling are main activities complemented by natural attractions and cultural heritage;

- development of concepts and models for route management;

- designing and setting up a new one and upgrading the existing small tourism infrastructure;

- training programs aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of the operators in the region;

- promotion of ViP Dinaric offers, production and distribution of promotional material, as well as development of the website

The implementation of this project will stimulate raising awareness on the economic, environmental and social benefits of this route, as well as the attractiveness and competitiveness of the tourism offer of the cross-border area between Montenegro and Kosovo in order to attract visitors from local, international and regional markets.

It will also create the basis for further enhancement of the identified tourism potentials of this region, which have already been recognized as resources of great importance in the national Hiking and Biking project and the Montenegro Tourism Development Strategy until 2020.