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Ceremonial Closing Presentation of the Project Valorisation of the Ethno-Gastonomic Heritage in Shkoder/Skadar Lake
Posted on September 14, 2012

Ceremonial Closing Presentation of the Project Valorisation of the Ethno-Gastonomic Heritage in Shkoder/Skadar Lake

The ceremonial closing presentation of the project titled as "Valorisation of the Ethno-Gastronomic Heritage in Shkoder/Skadar Lake" was held at the PR Centre in Podgorica, on Wednesday 12th September, at 11:30 a.m. This event is organised by the Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives – CSTI, from Podgorica. This 20-month project is funded by the European Union within IPA CBC Programme Albania-Montenegro.

NGO Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives on Montenegrin side and Spanish organisation CERAI and the Permaculture Resource Centre (QBP) from Shkoder on Albanian side, during this project, established Ethno-Gastronomy Route in Skadar Lake as unique tourism offer of this area. The creation of this new project based on quality homemade products and services, as well as natural, historical and cultural heritage, seeks to encourage social-economic development of the cross border area between Albania and Montenegro.

The establishment of this thematic route, intended for the tourists looking for an authentic experience and ambience, is a benefit for local producers, local travel agencies, gastronomy entrepreneurs, traditional communities and artisans from this region.

The representatives of the project partners presented project activities and results achieved into following categories:

-     Identification of traditional cultural-touristic products

-         Improving and increasing quality of tourism services through improvement of knowledge and skills

-         Establishment of the thematic route concept

       Promotion of the thematic route and ethno-gastronomic heritage in Skadar Lake

This event was attended by the representatives of the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, Ministry of Culture, NTO of Montenegro, National Parks of Montenegro, UNDP, hosts-beneficiaries of this project, tourist agencies, media representatives and many other guests. More details about the tourist potential of this thematic route, about hosts and their products, services, activities and way life, natural beauty and cultural and historical heritage of this area can be found on the official project website, the guidebook titled as "Guide the Ethno-Gastronomic Route in Shkoder/Skadar Lake”, maps and the cookbook titled as “Tastes of the Lake”, as well.

Also, there was organised an exhibition of homemade products and dishes produced and prepared by Montenegrin members of the route, so after official part of this event, all guests could enjoy tasting these products and dishes, and also meet these hosts and talk with them about their activities and life style.