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Study Trip to Albania
Posted on August 27, 2012

Study Trip to Albania

This study trip contributed to strengthening available resources for the improvement of technical and management capacities and preparing the project’s participants to be actors of a thematic route with standards and regulations as well as a sustainable vision.

This activity is aimed at improving the quality of ethno-gastronomic goods and services, and increasing contact between ethno-gastronomic stakeholders to develop future initiatives and to increase sustainable initiatives as well as to re-discover the traditions of this area.


Project partners – CERAI and Permaculture Resource Centre prepared an interesting agenda, so 19 Montenegrin stakeholders accompanied by CSTI staff and a Montenegrin-Albanian interpreter visited :

1.   the ethnographic museum Oso Kuka in  Shkoder

2.  the winery “Kajoshi” in the village of Shtoj i Ri. Nazmi Kajoshi is an owner of this winery where a wine tasting was organized for guests from Montenegro

3.    the restaurant Zum Rappen in the village of Shiroke, where participants of the study trip had chance to taste traditional dishes

4.   the textile workshop “Nesa”, in the village of Zogaj, owned by an artisan Nebije Qotaj where the typical Albanian carpets qilim is produced 

5.   the Rozafa Fortress in Shkoder, where out trip to Albania is ended.


This one-day study trip to Albania was organized in order to exchange experiences, providing a special opportunity to the project stakeholders to see the best practices and what initiatives are taking place in the Shkodra/Skadar Lake area in terms of ethno-gastronomic activities and their diversity.